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VOA rating list downloads

Welcome to our internet rating list download page. You can obtain a copy of our non-domestic rating lists and summary valuations from here.

This uses cloud storage technology enabling us to provide copies of rating list information free of charge. Advanced users will also be able to benefit from using ReST storage APIs, and developers from .NET.

If you have any questions or need advice, please use the get help link at the bottom of the page. You will also find general and technical guidance below.

General guidance

Licencing terms and conditions

VOA rating list downloads are only available under our restricted licence terms and conditions. These are the same terms and conditions applicable to viewing rating list information online. An open government licence does not apply.

Downloads are available from this page free of charge. They may be passed on to third parties only after you have communicated to them clearly that our terms and conditions also apply to data you pass on. You may include links to our GOV.UK web pages where appropriate.

Dataset downloads and specification

The 2023 draft list datasets comprise, initially, of two epochs. The rating list entry epoch, containing a record for every entry currently in the 2023 draft list, is around 130mb in size. The summary valuation epoch, containing every summary valuation that we can release, is around 205mb in size. These datasets will be refreshed to reflect alterations made to them, details on that can be seen below.

The 2017 and 2010 compiled rating list epoch datasets are divided into two compressed files each. The first file contains list entries, (around 70mb and 140mb respectively), and the second file contains the corresponding summary valuations that we are able to make available, (around 160mb and 270mb).

The latest live datasets published 1st April 2017, hold rating list information for 2 million current commercial properties and corresponding 1.9 million summary valuations as at 1st April 2017. Records are asterisk-delimited. Uncompressed files are ASCII encoded csv type. Our technical guidance provides full details about how the data in the files is structured.

Due to the number of records contained within each file, we recommend using a database product to load them into. Examples include Microsoft Access and MySQL. We invite your feedback about how to deliver our rating list datasets going forward.

We intend to continue providing refreshed datasets for all three currently published lists containing all properties periodically. These are known as "epochs". In between epochs we provide smaller "change updates" files weekly. Change updates can be applied to the most recent epoch to produce an up to date version of the rating list and corresponding summary valuations in between epochs. The updates also explain changes and how they have been carried out.

File names will include version numbering and show which change updates apply to which epoch. Using blob storage APIs, you will also be able to obtain directories of rating list files, their modification dates and initiate downloads automatically.



The RLD website will next be updated on Thursday 30th March 2023 with the next set of Weekly Change Update files. A temporary suspension has been applied for 2017 & 2023 cases in order to generate the 2023 Compiled List Epoch data files followed by 2017 and 2010 Epoch files. We will make the 2023 Compiled Lists Epoch files available on the RLD website on Monday 3rd April 2023 by midday. The 2017, 2010 Epoch Files, plus all weekly Change Update files will be made available on Wednesday 5th April 2023.


Downloads are free of charge. They are subject to our new restricted licence terms and conditions. To continue, you must confirm that you have read and accepted the new terms and conditions by clicking  

Note: Boundary Changes Guidance

NOTE Our datasets do not align with Billing Authority changes which came into effect on 1st April 2019.

There is one Billing Authority that requires changes to be applied to it. In order to identify records for this Billing Authority you will need to aggregate the records for the BA Codes that existed prior to 1st April 2019 as follows:

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BA Code 1260) consists of -

There are two Billing Authorities that require changes to be applied to them from 01-Apr-2021. In order to identify records for these you will need to aggregate the records for the BA Codes that existed prior to 1st April 2021 as follows:

North Northamptonshire (BA Code 2840) consists of -

West Northamptonshire (BA Code 2845) consists of -

There are four Billing Authorities that require changes to be applied to them from 01-Apr-2023. In order to identify records for these you will need to aggregate the records for the BA Codes that existed prior to 1st April 2023 as follows:

Cumbria Council (BA Code 0935 TBC) consists of -

Westmorland and Furness Council (BA Code 0940 TBC) consists of -

Somerset Council (BA Code 3335 TBC) consists of -

North Yorkshire Council (BA Code 2740 TBC) consists of -

There are two Billing Authorities that require changes to be applied backdated to 01-Apr-1996. In order to identify records for these BA Codes as follows:

Carmarthen Council (BA Code 6825 TBC) consists of -

Powys Council (BA Code 6850 TBC) consists of -

Technical guidance

Our technical guidance contains detailed information about the data in our downloads and how the records in them are arranged. We have also included supplementary tables of important and useful codes and their descriptions to help improve the overall quality of the datasets.

Our 2023 technical guidance
Our 2017 technical guidance
Our 2010 technical guidance

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